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CO asked for proof of custody



Hi all,


I really hope I can get some more clarification today. In late 2013 I was granted my student visa along with my 2 children and my husband who abandoned us back to SA in early 2014 by just packing his things while I was at work and leaving us to find out via social media. My studies have been extended for another year and thus had to re apply for another student visa. My case officer has asked me to respond in 28 days for proof of custody. I am in the process of obtaining custody along side a lawyer in SA. He has asked his lawyer to write up a settlement agreement for a divorce and has stated that the children remain with me but it doesn't state I have custody (divorce not finalised as yet). Would my CO agree to wait for custody to be granted via a lawyers letter? Is there something else I can do or submit in the mean time as I am already in Australia with my children when we all come together. He has no contact with the children since early 2014 but I know it makes no difference. Any tips, advice, experience. Any idea what will happen if not satisfied with a plea for extention if this is possible? Any help and any advice or thoughts welcome.



Desperate single mother.

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Hi Jamaica


I cannot help but I just wanted to wish you strength in a difficult situation!


I hope things get sorted out quickly and in your favour.


All the best. 

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