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Moving to Sydney


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How plans change! A short while ago I thought that I will live another few years in Canberra and now I'm moving interstate to Sydney.

Knowing how vastly different the two cities are and I don't have know about Sydney is scary.


Do people have suggestions for unit rentals near transport that are in safe areas?

I have budgeted up to $450  - $480 pw for 1 bedroom apartment. Luckily no pets. 

Any suggestions on interstate movers would be much appreciated as I dont have many things to move from my current 1 bedroom apartment in Canberra.



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Hi Cujo


It depends where you'll be working, but Randwick (Eastern Suburbs) are nice. It's a high rise area with easy access to the city via public transport. Also very close to the city. 


Northern side of Sydney is quiter with more of a suburban lifestyle. Castle Hill is quite far from the city, but seems to have alot of South Africans living in this area.


Good luck with the big move - Sydney cannbe overwhelming moving from Canberra, but the city has lots to offer. Sydney is alot older than Canberra woth many "no right turn" sign, so it might seem a bit unorganised until you get the hang of where everything is.




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Hi Totoro

thank you for your advice 

I went to Newtown this weekend to look at a few places. Out of the 3 that was due for inspection 2 already had their deposit taken by Saturday before the schedule date. I love inner Sydney. I found Newtown quaint and so busy, but I loved it. It was the first time that I drove to Sydney and back as I usually use the murrays bus but the drive was easy. Finding a parking not so much but luckily I have a small car. 

My job is in the city in Kent st. 

so that's why I'm looking for a place close to public transport. Especially because the job is long hours so I don't want to spend too long on the train. I love the high rises. So cosmopolitan. Everything at your door. You literally walk from your door to the park or train station or shops. IKEA and the airport are close. And I googled the closest Aldi (my favourite store)


i would love love to meet up with fellow South Africans once I make the move.


its a fast paced city with a lot to offer. 

The job requires me to travel around a lot so I will have to use google maps and the trains :) 

mans ofc uber 


i cant ant wait for my new adventure :D


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If you love Newton, Sydney will feel like home soon enough! Newton is very popular with the young alternative crowd and that's what Sydney is all about.


Good lucknwith your new adventure - love your positive outlook! 

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