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Canberra - Houses/Area


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Hello All,


We have just arrived in Canberra today on a 189. My husband managed to secure a job from SA and he is starting on the 13th of February. 

We are currently staying in a motel :o as this was the cheapest accommodation we could find on short notice.


We are looking at renting a house for now. Which areas would you recommend and which one's not? The company where he secured the job is in Mitchell. Where does all the South Africans stay and where are the best schools? The process happened very quickly and we have not yet had the chance to do proper homework.


Any information would be much appreciated.






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Mitchell is a good area to be close to the new suburbs in the North. If you look anywhere around Gughalin Town centre you're in a good spot. 


Franklin and Harrison are close by, and going right up to Bonner and Casey would all still be fine. Canberra is an easy drive

from anywhere really, although as I understand it from Northside friends (you'll discover the north vs south thing), Horse Park Drive's road works are a nightmare at the moment in the morning. 


Not sure on schools but most of Canberra schools are great. All just depends on the kind of teaching you're looking for. 


Also: Welcome! Best thing you'll ever have done :-)

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Hi Anel @Thomas,


Looks like there is a chance me might be in the same situation, Any more info or others that wants to add their 2c?



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@wonderer. Is Canberra happening then? My friend lived in Amaroo and loved it. Happy to connect you. Pm me when you get a chance.

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If you do move into the West I have heard that Kingsford Smith school has a few issues, and according to the locals Charnwood suburb has a reputation for being a bit rough.


Other than that most suburbs are pretty good. We are in Farrer (South) which is very quiet but has a good school - no South African community if you are looking for that (Which Gungalin has.)


As for Canberra being a happening place - it is an awesome little city. More Australians are realising that after decades of writing it off and 90% new starters at my work have moved here from other states. People are relocating here in droves.

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Thank you @BrendanH


@Husky We're not sure whether we are Athur or Mather at the moment... 

Hubby is in the interview as I type, so nothing concrete yet, but he had a very positive meeting yesterday. So we came down for 2 days to look around the city, but are getting so confused. While still in Melbourne, driving around changed our ideas about some of our shortlist suburbs, and now we trying to do the same here and it makes my mind feel scatty....


I'll let you know as soon, (and hopefully its soon!) we know what we are doing (jip meant that in more ways than 1)



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