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Medical internship in Australia for South African graduating in 2017



Good evening!

I am a final year medical student and I would love to do my internship in Australia with the intention of moving there permanently. I am in a relationship with an Australian citizen.

Would it be easier for me to work through a partner visa or a skilled visa?

Any advice would be appreciated.


Baie dankie! 

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@Carlaalida my suggestion initially would be, to check with the Australian Medical Registration Board, if they would allow this to happen. There is no point in chasing a visa, if they will not allow you to do your internship in Australia. I found this through my great friend Google, it may give you some insight and contact details to pursue this further.



Once you have confirmation from them that they will allow it, then make contact on this forum with either @TeeTMI or @SD_MOA for advice about the best visa for you.

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Hello Carlaalida,

The process to migrate to Australia as a Medical Doctor is very difficult and complex.  Due to this it may be easier to come to Australia on a spouse visa and then once here you can complete the process for your Australian registration.


Ofcourse I would be happy to assit with the spouse visa if required :)



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