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one way or return flight



Good Afternoon guys @SD_MOA @FingersCrossed


I have been approved for a subclass 300 (Prospective marriage visa) and am now in the process of looking for tickets. 

Advice needed as to whether it will be okay for me to book a one way ticket, given the visa I have, or will it be a problem if i book a one way rather than a return?


Kindly advise 


Kind regards

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Hello Muhammad,

In this case  a one way ticket is fine.


All the best!



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Hi @Muhammad


Best to check with a immigration agent. Sorry I am not a agent so I wouldn't feel comfortable giving you advice on this as I have never researched the subclass 300 visa and dont have any knowledge of it.


Looking at the border.gov.au website, the visa is valid for nine months so I would imagine that they want a return ticket to prove that you are leaving the country before the visa expires. 

Once again, I am not a agent so please double check with someone who has experience with this.




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