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Decision made - We going to Aus!


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Hi All



The discussions and decisions around immigrating is heart wrenching - to leave your family, friends and country behind.

My wife and I have decided to start the process of gathering info and paperwork to get to Aus by end 2017 (fingers crossed).


Some background -

My wife (31) is a professional full time photographer for the past 6 years. Previously she was in sales and account management for 6 years.


Me (35) on the other hand have completed my Electrical Engineering Degree, Mining Engineering degree, MBA & PMP. 

I've previously worked in a heavy factory environment as an engineer and project manager for 9 years (Durban). Afterwards we moved to Johannesburg and I started as a project manager in the mining industry (Jhb) for over 6 years now.


I would like to get the ball rolling and start applications for a 189 General Skilled VISA.

I've started going through the forum to investigate the process, costs and eligibility. Thank you all for your contributions to the forum! It helps us newbies a lot.

We would love to hear from you and your experiences!

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Welcome @Prep4Aus

This forum has helped me keep my sanity over the past year. I highly recommend reading the Journals section, where a lot of people share their stories and learnings. Good luck. 

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@Prep4Aus, welcome to the forum, and good luck with your journey... trust it will all go smoothly for you!

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Hi @Prep4Aus, seeing as you will probably be using your engineering qualification to come over? you should try to get your application in before July 2017. There is a very strong possibility that they will be taking (almost all) engineering off the 189 list. So if I were you, I'd try to speed things up and keep both eyes peeled for news an developments in this area.

All the best with your preparations, good luck!

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Good luck to you and your family on this journey, it is a rewarding one. If there are bumps in the road then look over and beyond them, not losing site of your ultimate goal and focus!

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