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Interesting skills, based on Linkedin jobs, that are in demand


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Thanks @ottg


Allow me to add some enrichment to the data help the forumites out.


1. Cloud and Distributed Computing - I operate here, great area for IT people. In-memory computing is huge here.

2. Statistical Analysis and Data Mining - Here it gets complex, predictive analytics, machine learning, natural language queries.

3. Web Architecture and Development Framework - SOA, Web Services, MaaS.

4. Middleware and Integration Software - Real-Time, Near real-Time, ETL & ELT, in-situ transformation.

5. User Interface Design - UX design

6. Network and Information Security - ISSM and ISO 27001

7. Mobile Development - Mobility strategy and deployment.

8. Data Presentation - Secure non-persisted platform and apps deployment.

9. SEO/SEM Marketing

10. Storage Systems and Management - Hot, warm and cold data segementation and automated archival.

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As mentioned many times by forum members that those who are looking for a job within specific industries need to go where the action is. An article published on Linkedin shows where “major” contracts are awarded in Australia, across a range of industries which include; oil and gas, infrastructure, mining, property, defence, renewable energy, power and utilities.



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If I may add, keep your eyes out on large infrastructure spend related work at this time if you have the appropriate skills and experience. The reason is the Federal Government is undertaking several large spending projects around roadways, rail or similar following the annual budget announcement.


For example they intend building a several billion dollar train line from Brisbane to Melbourne. Sydney and Melbourne are however admittedly getting the lion share of spending with not as much for Queensland. :(


Otherwise, if you're operating in the financial areas of corporations or industries look into IBM Cognos TM1 skills as well as SQL. TM1 and SQL suite developers also appear sought after as I've had several recruiters contact me on the vague hope that either my IT skills ran that far or I knew someone whose did. 

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