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Doctor looking for information


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Hello guys


I'm  a newly qualified doctor ,finishing off my first year of internship at tembisa hospital. I am hoping to get some info in terms of finding an internship that side( a requirement for full registration). I have completed my amc Mcq exam and would love to do a work place based assessment as that would get me over to Australia sooner.

My only concern is my relative inexperience.  Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated 






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Hi Chappiez


Welcome to the forum! Hope you'll find your answers and stick around a good while longer.


I can't answer you in terms of internship specifically as I'm not knowledgeable on the medical profession terminology and perhaps there are others who could answer you better. I also don't want to flood you with info but as a potential GP (?) you would have to consider either permanent visas like the 189 and 190 visas, or the 457 and 402 temporary visas. The 402 however depends on whether you're involved in medical research at all.


If not you may want to consider the 457 visa details specifically if you do not (yet) qualify for either the 189 or 190 visas. The 189/190 visas score your eligibility to immigrate based on age, experience, skills and English speaking ability amongst other things and can take a while to complete/apply for.


Are there any (* legitimate!) Australian bodies that visit the medical school or advertise through related channels like medical journals at all that might perhaps offer sponsorship for the 457 visa? My brother had the British NHS itself approach him several years ago for something similar with the UK and they basically almost did all the paperwork for him to get in. Maybe Australian NGO's or similar also do so?


(* - Just be cautious of fraudsters. They do exist and prey on desperation.)

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I did forget to mention that I am organizing my visa through my partner so that is not my concern. I need to figure out medical based issues regarding my medical certificate and "internship" 

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Ok, I see. That then comes down to getting your qualification and internship experience recognised and accredited by an equivalent Australian medical body.


I'm again not clear on that but there may be pointers on what bodies to approach where the Australian immigration site discusses accreditation bodies for medical skills under the 189/190 visas. 

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