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Skills Visa Upload and timeline



Sorry if this has been addressed I did try and search! For those that have recently gone through the online process could you help at what point do you make the payment for the visa? So you fill in your info, upload documents, then you need medicals and police clearance, is only once all that is done or before medicals and police clearance ? 

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Suddenly I'm not 100% sure. But you fill in and pay and then upload. You can keep uploading, so you can lodge and pay before medicals and pcc.

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I can confirm @wonderer's comment.


You definitely cannot upload any evidence of any kind prior to making the payment. The procedure is as follows:

  • complete the online application
    • some parts may be difficult, such as full residential and employment history from date of birth for each applicant
  • pay the cost of the visa application (ouch!)
  • wait for confirmation of payment
  • upload evidence documents
    • these are per applicant
    • the system provides a recommended list of evidence that should be provided

I hope that helps, @TracyClare. Best wishes.

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