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Utility bills and discounts

Tamara HDU

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I thought that i would share this as everyone moving here signs up with electricity / gas providers.


It's likely to be quite a surprise that you have the option of choosing providers.

The discounts can vary substantially and it's a good idea to look around to see what providers are offering at the time.


The attached from Simply Energy is a good example...they were offering a 28 % discount on your electricity bill. I actually signed up with them but at the last moment my current provider which is Origin gave me a call and matched the discount because they didn't want to lose me as a customer! It pays to shop around!




Our utility tariffs are a hot topic at the moment. This states reliance on renewable energy has us paying very high electricity prices during peak demand times. It's a bad winter this year and we are going to feel the pain when the next quarterly bills come in!sad.gif

I have signed up to One Big Switch...no obligation, but the prospect of lower utility bills.

There are a number of ways to reduce your bills and I am thinking of switching energy providers to get a better rate.

If anyone has any info or can contribute to this topic it will be appreciated as all of us can benefit from lower utility costs.

I have changed providers before and it was an easy process. I am currently with Origin and receive 18 % discount on my electricity and 10 % on my gas.

There are a few variables to consider when comparing different providers:

1. The price per kw for the first amount of units
2. The price per kw for any subsequent units
3. The daily charge
4. The exit fee if you change provider ( may be nil or may be a fee dependent upon length of contract time)
5. Solar fee in tariff (if applicable)
6. A connection fee (if applicable)

If you can think of anything else please add to this...

I have checked out a few providers and this one looks good. 
The company is Simplyenergy 

Here are the rates that they are offering:
RAA membership gets extra 2% above their 28% discount.

Simply Save

Pay On Time Discount


28% off electricity#

10% off gas#

24 month benefit period
Exit fees apply

Discounts off USAGE Charges when you pay on time.

View our electricity & gas rates

RAA member benefit

30% off electricity#

10% off gas#

24 month benefit period
Exit fees apply

Discounts off USAGE Charges when you pay on time.


View our electricity & gas rates


Their rates for this discount are:

Electricity Rates
Single Rate meter (Peak) Unit exc. GST Inc. GST
Summer Rates (Jan-March)
Peak: First 11 kWh per day cents/kWh 30.5000 33.5500
Peak: Remainder per day cents/kWh 34.1000 37.5100
Supply Charge
Supply Charge cents/day 63.3900 69.7290
Winter Rates (Apr-Dec)
Peak: First 11 kWh per day cents/kWh 30.5000 33.5500
Peak: Remainder per day cents/kWh 34.1000 37.5100
Controlled Load 1 per day cents/kWh 17.4700 19.2170

These rates are in line with what my present Origin charges are. I used to pay more with AGL.

That is a massive difference in discounts...my present one being 18% at Origin and this one being 30%. 
They also pay solar feed in at good rates depending upon when you had the system installed.

So what's the catch? Are other providers rates lower thereby mitigating the discount?

The only downside I can see is that you will pay a penalty of the following if you break your contract.

If your contract is terminated after the 10 business day cooling off period and before the end of the term, you will have to pay a termination fee.
Year Electricity Gas
First Year $104.50 (GST inclusive) $104.50 (GST inclusive)
Second Year $82.50 (GST inclusive) $82.50 (GST inclusive)

Does anyone know of a better offer from another provider? I have looked at a few (Dodo, AGL) but can't see anything better than a 12% increase on my present discount.

The electricity discount of 30% at Simplyenergy is 12% more than my present discount and will save hundreds of Dollars a year. I could probably push Origin to up my discount by a few % (friendly phone call to ask for a bigger discount) but they aren't going to match 30% are they?

Should I change?

Should you change?

Is there a better deal out there?

Is anyone a customer of Simplyenergy?
Any feedback?

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We are currently with Powershop for Electricity (only some states and they don't do gas). 


We liked the no obligation to remain option, so that we could pick and choose (the people I spoke with at set-up were good as well). 

Current basic rate is 30.49 c/unit.  Whilst this is probably higher than for many providers as it includes the supply charge as well - there is no separate charge.  We used a previous bill and calculated we would have been better off with this option. 

Works on an odd system to most - they have special offers every now and then and you buy your power in packs and if you buy in advance can make savings.  You can put as much or as little effort into that side as you like.


We've been happy with them but I should check rates again.  


They currently have a $75 introduction fee  - if I sign you up we both get a credit of $75 (feel free to PM me if you would like an introduction!)



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My mate in Adelaide used One Big Switch, not sure which provider ultimately, he pumps more solar back into the grid than he uses so his electrical is 0c every month. Amazing. Back here in South Africa the rate is about R1,66 per unit now.

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I love that you can basically negotiate your rate on almost anything in Australia! 

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