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A Call to ALL IT folk


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Hi All,


Hubby landed  in July and is still trying to secure employment. 2 months have passed and I'm rather anxious as I wait for some good news back here in SA. It seems that finding a job in ACT is much harder than we thought. I am thus posting his skills up here with the hopes that everyone that sees it will spread the word in some way. He is currently engaging agencies etc...but I guess no harm in trying the word of mouth approach. He is now open to seeking opportunities in Brisbane and Sydney (fingers are still crossed for ACT though) Feel free to share whatever insights you may have around finding employment in the IT sector.


Please circulate and thanks in advance: (Please PM me for his contact details and detailed CV)


Specialist Technical Skills

            - Mobile and Cloud application project lead.
            - Complete SDLC, Project scoping, Resource allocations and planning
            - Data Migration and archiving for enterprise 
            - Data preparation and transformation for complex data mining
            - Architecture on enterprise framework and innovative solutions
            - Elasticsearch, Logstash & Kibana – Real-time Data Analytics
            - JavaEE, Spring Framework and Spring Boot
            - Docker, Python, MongoDB, Neo4J


Qualifications and Certificates

            - CDP Entry to Masters in Software Engineering
            - SAP Hana HA300
            - Development on Hana and SMP
            - Sun Certified Developer & Programmer for Java
            - Introduction & Program with PL/SQL
            - Build Internet Application


Demonstrated Abilities

            - Multi-skilled IT professional with a solid development background
            - Experienced in legacy applications to Java J2EE applications

            - Skilled with experience in architecture to development on both mobile/cloud enterprise applications

            - Strong business acumen with an excellent understanding of effective systems and processes

            - Able to relate to a wide range of people from various cultural, professional and technical backgrounds

            - Solid analytical aptitude with advanced organisational, problem-solving and time-management skills  

            - Exercising a careful eye for detail

            - Able to work well under pressure and meet strict deadlines in a fast-paced environment

            - Strong team player with the ability to work unsupervised

            - Displaying a high level of professionalism and confidentiality 

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Usha I do hope that he finds something soon.

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Hi @Usha


He can try AGL, DHS or Sydney Water, travelling a bit to quickly build up cashflow. He has SAP HANA experience so will be in demand. Going rates are from $1100 to $ 1650 a day.




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