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And so here we are


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Hi there


I did not realise I had not yet introduced myself, even after joining the forum well over a year ago! Well here's the short of how I ended up here.


I had originally intended to immigrate to Canada back in 2014 to join my sister, after having experienced being held up at home. I had gotten as far as selling my bike and car, renewing my drivers licence and passport. Anyway, the IELTS bookings were so long and getting all the certificates to WES were so delayed by our dear local institutions that my sister had moved back to Aus early in 2015 before I got to Canada. Fast forward to 2016 and here I am applying for PR in Aus. In fact, when I started working back in 2007, I had intended to immigrate to Aus after accumulating 2 or 3 years work experience, however, I fell into the complacent trap and had foregone any plan to emigrate by 2010, that is of course until facing crime up close and personal late in 2014.


So far my story doesn't sound much unlike many of the one's I have read here, but where I see everyone so excited and battling with the waiting game that is the VISA process, I have more fear than excitement. I know I will miss beloved family and friends dearly, as well as my great job and my spacious house, the familiarity of knowing something and someone for every eventuality, and all the little things that one seldom gives a second thought. Inside is a bit like a tug of war, fear of the uncertain versus fear of missed opportunity. The thought of boxing up my life, selling the house, finding a new job, a new house - daunting. Leaving behind friends and family - emotional. Making new friends - draining. But we regret more the things we didn't do than the things we did, and so here we are.

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Even if you have been here a while, now that you have "officially" introduced yourself, welcome! :D

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Welcome and all the very best!


Here is something I have lived by my entire life so far.......know that there is always a price to pay (when it comes to anything). At times the price might be very high. The important question is whether the price is worth paying for what you receive in return. 

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Good luck mate, we are going through the same and land in Oz in 1 month, Similar to you we faced serious crime in SA.


A few quotes that keep me going, and keep me looking forward:................"doubt can only be overcome by taking action"........................"time waits for nobody".


Immigration is certainly a challenge at another level, because it tests our fear of the unkown and obviously removes us from our comfort zone. We can surely only succeed with a positive attitude and embrace the new life. We need to remember why we are doing this in the first place, the reasons remain the same, we want better for our family and our kids, and the struggles we will face in the short term will evolve into a legacy we leave our kids in the long term.


A bit much for a Tuesday morning but hey, we all have these feelings at one time or another.

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Welcome. Another way of looking at it is, if your desire to make this happen outweighs the discomfort of getting there, it is worth it. Good luck.

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Thanks peeps, I will refer back to those quotes at times 

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"Jump in, the water is nice!" :lol:

Which city are you moving to?
We've been on the far east of Melbourne since May this year, and so far things have gone about 90% to plan, and we still love it. You really need to know why are doing this. It is tough, and if you are just iffie about it, you are going to struggle extra hard. Some people feel really strongly about moving, and have no problem remembering their motivation, for others it is a mental exercise where your brain knows why but your heart is going 'Nonono!!! Not yet!'. For this last group it helps to sort out, either by writing it down, or just thinking it through really thoroughly, the reasons why they want to make the move. A vague answer like: "for a better life" won't get you very far when you're feeling down, because then you will be going: "Oh, sure a better life, well this doesn't feel much better..." So you need to list them like:

  • Better maintained infrastructure (our power went out due to storm damage, the guys were out there in the cold, fixing it all of yesterday and well into the night, this morning it's fixed!)
  • Stable currency
  • Freedom from fear of personal violence
  • Safe, clean public spaces/facilities
  • Freedom from discrimination when applying for work...

This is just a part of our list. The list varies with people's priorities. Just make sure you know where you stand with your own reasons. ;) 
(And of course, come on over!)

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