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I would like to start by saying, a huge thank you to all on this forum.  The information, encouragement and support has been amazing for me.


As an introduction I already had my PR 190 visa since 2014 but then the whole idea of the move scared me but I am now so ready and excited but at the same time very nervous about the unknown and mostly about getting a job.  I have visited Australia on many occasions and love it, the vibe, the opportunities and the lifestyle for my kids.


About us, I am a single mom with 2 girls aged 12 and 15, we plan to do the move end of 2017, this will allow my 15 year old to have 2 years in an Australian school and my 12 year old will do her full high school in Australia.  My kids love Australia and are very excited to do the move.


The plan is to move to Sydney, live in the Hills area where it appears rentals are more reasonable and not to far to most areas, as I am not sure where I will find a job,  I have been looking and there are many that I will be applying for but as I have read on the forum I mustn't expect any response until I actually live in Sydney.  That has been true so far.


I am from a Hairdressing, Training and marketing background so I would prefer not to work in a salon (I have my own salon and been teach hairdressers at college) but rather teach hairdressing or do sales of hair products to the industry.  Not sure if either is possible.


I will keep doing research and hope to help others on this forum when I have gone through the process.


Hopefully I will get a chance to meet some of you when i am in Sydney, going to need some friends :-) 



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Hi there! If all goes well we're moving to Sydney in mid 2017 so maybe we'll see you there! I have 2 girls (aged 6 and 9) and I'm super excited too. It's so much easier that you don't have to worry about a visa and I'm sure you and the girls have had some time to get used to the scary feelings around moving to Oz. Good luck!

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Hi Tntaglia Thanks We must definitely keep in touch, Good luck with all your move prep. 

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