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Parent's Visitor visa - advise needed


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Recently applied for visitor visas for my parents.


We chose to apply for a 12month one although they will only be here for the December holidays.

Reason: my thinking was that if there is troubles in RSA or something happens, they do hold a visa and can just jump on a plane instead of waiting 2-4 weeks for a visa.


Problem: They have not been requested to do a medical check and X-rays. Although not a BIG problem, they are time poor and the additional cost of the medicals means they will have less spending money.


We have submitted a notification of incorrect answer to change from 12 to 3 months, but the health assessment requested is still required on their IMMI account.


Anyone know how it takes to update the IMMI account when you submit a change form? 


Will the health assessment be removed if we are successful in changing the 12 months to 3?

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I may be wrong but I think the medical is an age related requirement not visa specific. My mil got a 12 month visa but did not need to have a medical as she is under 69 years of age. 

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