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Two strapping young Saffas needing work in Cairns


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Hi you Far North Queenslanders

There are two young blokes who've been studying at the college where I work, who've had a bit of bad luck with their sponsorship. After completing their Cert. 4 in Business, followed by the Diploma in Business Management, they are now in a difficult situation, having lost their promised sponsorship, to the extent that they've signed on for a Hospitality course which will give them a further year's Student Visa. Back in SA, and here in the Far North, they've gained extensive experience in a variety of fields, from labouring, security work, sales / tourism, mining, you name it. 

One of them was captain of his school rugby team, and both have been involved in coaching here in Cairns.

They are grand blokes: driven, willing, enthusiastic and determined to secure their Permanent Residence here. I'm hoping someone knows someone who might employ them, especially if there is any chance this might lead to sponsorship. Their Hospitality course will not require them to attend college more than once a week, and this will be flexible.

Not being too tech-savvy, I'm going to give my landline: (07) 40675048 (evenings / week-ends)

Hoping to hear from someone soon!


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Post on Aussiekaners and which ever Facebook group for South Africans are active in your area.  You will have much better luck with Facebook, when it comes to info in your local area.  Good luck. 

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Thanks Rozellem


The boys are in fact Afrikaners (and fluent in English). Being an old fossil I don't have a Facebook account, so would someone pleeeze do what Rozellem has suggested?

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Lucky, tell the boys to jump on those pages themselves. You are a great help and have led the horses this far....

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