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Move to Brisbane


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We have spent 2 and half years in Sydney already, looking to move to Brisbane permanently after my contract with my current employer comes to terms in Dec. 


Would it be a brave move to just pack up and move wrt job search, i know rental is much cheaper there and not as expensive as Sydney. We are both accountants/ accounting professionals not CPA's yet and I have had good role exposure with 2 company's in Sydney. I have been applying for lower than accountants roles and have been given some interest. One company called and confirmed they do not do phone or skype interviews but have to be there in person and I have a great CV .


Are there any Queensland based accounting professionals, recruitment staff or others that may know the Queensland job arena well and could share your insights into my plight.

My son goes to uni next year and my daughter goes to high school.


Thanks in advance. 

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