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Hi All


I thought I should start this topic to provide some information regarding Bipolar and the Medicals as I struggled to find information regarding it when I was searching for information.


I was diagnosed with Bipolar years back and was very concerned that this would affect our visa application so I booked and underwent the medical before we lodge our application, this will probably be done the second week of September.


I went for my medical on 23 Aug and by 24 Aug my EMedical was completed and submitted.  From information that I gathered from various pages, I requested a report from my Phsyciatrist that I took with me to save time.  My Dr included the following information and the Panel Dr at Hatmed was very happy with the report:


*  History of BiPolar and previous Hospitalisation

*  Current Management and requirements for Psychiatric care and hospitalisations

*  Prognosis

*  Employment History and Restrictions if any


As a matter of interest, no form 26 or photos were required, it was all done electronically





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Good to hear @Lillie :) 


We were in the same boat and then we also decided to do the My Health Declaration and do our Medicals first.

Our Medicals are booked for Thursday next week so glad to know that yours is looking positive :)


The scary thing for us was that even once we do the medicals we wont get the final outcome until the visa has been lodged and the feed have been paid...


I have just finished the initial visa upload of all the personal details and will only hit submit and then pay once we have done our medicals next week ;) 


Holding thumbs for you but im certain it will all be fine!

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Thanks Deezo, I think I just feel better knowing it is done and the Dr didnt freak out or request anything extra for now.....It really was quick and easy, much better than I expected.   The rest of my family go next Friday so we will lodge as soon as theirs are uploaded.  Wishing you well with the rest of your process.  We seem to be on the same timeline so will look out for your updates!

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Excellent :)


Almost done!


I think we are somewhat so I will do the same ;)


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