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Hi all


I am doing some research on what i can do when we relocate to Oz. My wife will have a job when we move but i wont. I am currently a Sales and Marketing Manager for a company in the food sector. 

I have over 12 years experience with sales and marketing in various food businesses. 

Does anyone know if there would be an opportunity for me to become a consultant to small / medium businesses in the food industry. I have tried to look for other people doing this in Aus and i have found nothing. 


Any feedback would be much appreciated :)



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The best way to tackle this is to see which associations exists for food processing & food processors/manufacturers and their related markets

Start to get an broad market overview by checking these:


check the doc Processed Food (PDF, 3.1MB)
This industry capability statement provides an overview of Australian capability in processed food manufacturing, including examples of some of the many Australian companies with specialist expertise P 24 - P27


investigate every business mentioned and their website




see who are their sponsors and follow up with them.

Now also check related groups on Linkedin and read the articles and discussions.

Linkedin groups - example

a. Fial is an industry-led, government-funded initiative that was formed to accelerate commercially-driven collaboration and innovation in the Australian food and agribusiness industry.

b. News from the Agribusiness Council, a networking alliance that unites & advances the world's largest industry. We grow you. Follows, links, re-posts ≠ endorsements.

c, Sustainable food:  The Sustainable Food Summit brings together some of food and agriculture's biggest players and leading experts in a two-day exchange of knowledge and ideas

d. Agribusiness Australia has and will always be one of the country's industry pillars.


Then start to focus which organisations appeal the most to you and see if they advertise position - alternatively call them directly.

Dont forget to check for people on linkedin who is currently working at your preferred organisation.

Once done and you still need more help then send me an PM.

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