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Living and Schooling in Amaroo/Forde


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Hello everyone,


looking at the cost of rentals the north seems to be a more affordable option and well I prefer that style of housing over what I've seen in the south on allhomes etc.


When I done a trip to ACT in 2013 on one of the threads here I read a few good things about the primary school in Amaroo. 3yrs later and I would like some insight from the people living in this area and that have kids in Amaroo primary. The website is very informative but I would value some SA input.


I have a 6 yr old who will start grade 1 in ACT in 2017. I guess I can only start enrolment process once I've secured a home in one of the PEA's for that school. If you think there's something not covered on the site that I should be aware of please share.


I have a 4yr old as well. he only turns 5 after 30 April so I guess he will be heading to preschool. He currently goes 5 days a week here to a Montessori school and is progressing well. I'm trying to wrap my head around the 15hr preschool thing in OZ. how is it working out for you? what do you do with the kids the other days of the week?

with Montessori providing one on one attention I'm just wondering what the environment is like in Amaroo pre-school.


with schools in SA having loads of extra curricular like yoga, monkeynastix etc. are there activities like these in the area. My son goes for OT as he has low muscle tone and yoga was recommended for him along with an hours OT per week. currently this happens on school premises. just wondering if Amaroo has places where I can continue this type of development?


hubby will be out there from next week and I will be heading down with my 2 kids in December.

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