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Engineering opportunity


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Hi everyone,


I left South Africa in 2001 and arrived in Adelaide. After 15 years in Australia I can honestly say it is one the nicest places in Australia to live and raise a family.

I Started a MEP Consulting firm in 2008 serving the construction industry. We have grown to approximately 40 employees and have offices in Adelaide, Darwin and Melbourne (our Melbourne office is a recent expansion)

We are currently looking for HVAC mechanical engineers, fires safety engineers and hydraulic engineers. These roles can be accommodated in any of our offices.

We have also assisted 2 employees with their visas in the past (company sponsorship)

If you are in Australia or South Africa and any of these roles are of interest to you please let me know.



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Hi Patrick, how many years worth of experience do you require?

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Hi Patrick. Acknowledging you paying it forward (or back) like this. Will send you a private message. My husband is an engineer. Thank you. 

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Hi Patrick,


My wife and I arrived in Adelaide on 7 July 2016 on a graduate engineering visa - class 476 - 18 month working visa.

Currently getting Bachelor of Science in Engineering - Mechanical Engineering assessed by Engineers Australia then I will lodge my expression of interest for a 189 visa.

I have 2.5 years experience as a mechanical design engineer in a consulting environment with Fluor, South Africa in the Petrochemical industry. I also have 1 year experience (prior to studying Bachelors degree) as a mechanical  draftsman also in the Petrochemical industry.


I am open to changing over to HVAC if there is an opportunity for employment in Adelaide or Melbourne.


My email address is ryandreyer1990@gmail.com if you'd like to contact me privately.

I can then send you my resume and qualifications for review.



Ryan Dreyer

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