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MARA Registered Migration Agents & Their Confidentiality



So I have a gripe...


My company is using a Migration Agent to apply for our 457 visa. For purposes of the 457 I presume I am the client regardless of the fact that the company is paying for the visa?


I disclosed a sensitive issue regarding an admission of guilt signed close to 10 years ago to the agent who as a result of being registered with MARA has a code of conduct to keep my information confidential, including my employer.


They asked for details in a mail and then went ahead and 'accidentally' forwarded all the info to my employer but i'm almost 100% confident it was a move to retain future business with the company should my visa not be approved i.e letting the company know that any reason for possible denial was not their doing.


Whats done is done but it grates me they can go ahead and do that. Registered migration agents have a duty to preserve a client’s personal and confidential information at all times.


Not sure if I should call them on it because it might impact the relationship even more so and their quality of work might degrade further and result in a poor application and ultimately a possible refusal.


I'm prob just venting but anyone else's view on the above would be appreciated

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The person who pays the agent's bill would be regarded as the client, and to my knowledge they would be obliged in a duty of disclosure to impart all information to their client. 

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