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SkillSelect 06 July Invites



The details of the first round of SkillSelect invites has been published.  http://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Work/Skil

The next round of invitations will be on the 20th July.


As usual I have done some analysis on my web site.


The graph below shows minimum waiting times for invitations with 60+ points (NB excludes pro-rata occupations on the 6th July 2016 round of invites.   Applicants for family sponsored subclass 489 with 65 points who had applied before 2 March 2016 also received invites.


Occupation Quotas 189/489 for 2016-17.  Following the first round of visa invitations it appears that several occupations will reach quota very early in the visa year. Occupation Quotas 189/489 for 2016-17
The percentage of places already invited for the following occupations:
Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers 25%
Other Engineering Professionals (ANZSCO 2339**) 42%
Computer Network Professionals 30%


Points scores and the visa dates of effect cut off for occupations that are issued on a pro-rata basis in the 6 July 2016 invitation round.




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Thanks for this info @TeeTMI! This is not quite the news I was hoping for (the Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers) :( I guess there must have been many people waiting to get through the gates... people who had been hanging around since before the quota was reached in May.


Do you think the popularity means that this occupation could become pro rata next year?

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It is Crystal ball territory to guess what the DIBP may do in the future, but certainly the occupation of Auditor that was used up very early in the year was transferred, however others that were used up later in the year were not.


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