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North Queensland trip


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IMG_3173.JPGLake Barrine


IMG_2870.JPGAuthentic bush breakfast with billy tea


IMG_2225.JPGDunk island



IMG_2273.JPGTrain crossing

IMG_2274.JPGRegional Dominoes delivery Ute


IMG_2276.JPGOutback long road

IMG_3203.JPGYungaburra curtain fig tree

IMG_2280.JPGCastle Hill in Townsville

IMG_2281.JPGMagnetic island

IMG_2283.JPGTownsville lagoon



WAnted to post more, but not allowed to use more megs according to SAAUSTRALIA. I dont know how other people post more pics...


We just had a week away during school holidays. This is such a beautiful country!

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Awesome photos!  I was just thinking about you today (and every time I catch the weather report and see your warm weather :D


Re loading photos - I have the same problem.  I upload them to photobucket.com (free) and then paste the url for each pic into the forum as a link.  When I hit submit they magically change from links into actual photos.  Wa la!

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Lovely pics!


We went to Townsville and Cairns for the April school holidays.  Had a lovely time and great weather.  Lots of photos too, I am still to make my own photobook.

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Wow. Looks beautiful.

Hoping we will eventually get the chance to tour this amazing country.

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Finally living hey? Experiencing Aus the way it was meant to be. 

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Thanx RYLC. I am about as computer literate as crtl-alt-delete. ?

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