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Commitment to the NT Statement



Can someone provide me with a sample commitment statement sample to any of the Australian states please, am trying to write mine but don't know what to say

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I got this info off the NT website

  • Explain, in your own words, why you want to live in the NT.
  • Explain how the NT lifestyle would suit your way of life more than that of any other city in Australia.
  • Provide evidence that you have personally researched NT lifestyle, employment opportunities and attractions.
  • Provide evidence that you have researched the availability of housing, cost of living (for example, rent, food, transport, utilities, etc) and that you have a realistic understanding of the costs involved upon arrival in the NT and while you seek employment.
  • Provide evidence of your employability in the NT with your particular qualifications and employment experience

So what you need to do is get the facts about living in the NT but in your commitment statement make them personal to yourself and your family.  So if as an example you work as an accountant and find articles describing how there is a shortage of accountants in the NT then explain that and how that should make you employable.  However as your skills base is broad you have also seen adverts for these other similar roles which would mean you shouldn't have difficulty in finding work. Show that you are realistic in how much you may earn so maximum, minimum.  You could use that info to say that you have investigated housing and identified that ABC areas would be suitable for living and commuting for you and your family, including information on average rental prices, commuting times, schools etc.  If your kids are at school and there is anything specific you want in a school e.g. special Maths program or music then show you have researched schools and that certain schools would meet your kids needs.  Even if there is not anything specific then show you have identified which schools based on size or location or other factors may be suitable.  If you are involved in sport and have made contact with clubs or interest groups in the NT include that.  If there is something particular to the NT that suits you and your family then describe that - may be the weather, outdoor lifestyle, culture.

So basically they don't want something that is a cut and paste of internet info so you get there and go this place is too hot, too humid, too far from anywhere else, I'm leaving.

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