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I am currently researching the possibility to immigrate to Australia Perth and i have the following question if someone can assist. I have most of my life ( now turning 40) been in Technical sales and sales management with no qualifications and only matriculated. My experiences are more technical and management.

Does anyone know the market relating to positions over there. We have a lot of property that has to be sold and we should have a nice amount available to immigrate and the other question is would it be possible for my Mother and father in law to immigrate as well. They are over 60 and there will be funds available to them as well to take over to Australia.

The plan will be for myself to come and spend some time in Aus to asses what the possibilities are and then get everything setup to bring my family over. I know its easy said than done, but some advise will help fore sure.


Thank you


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Hi Etienne, ek dink julle is een van daai gevalle wat sal baat by professionele advies. Op die forum het ons vir @SD_MOA en @TeeTMI, altwee agente met puik reputasies in ons gemeenskap. Ek dink meeste van die lede op die forum gaan vir die visas waarvoor jy op die SOL moet wees, so ons weet nie altyd wat die beste advies sal wees nie. Maar gooi 'n lyntjie vir een van die agente, hulle help dikwels heeltemaal gratis met die aanvanklike vrae. Hulle sal jou ook kan help met die vrae oor jou ouers.          


Baie sterkte!

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Good advise.  If you don't  have connections here that can help you land a job...You can buy a business here that employees Aussies or go through a thing called Recognition of Prior Learning.  Basically you prove your work experience is equivalent to a degree. 


If you want to buy a business,  you can lookup the minimum purchase price online on border.gov.au. I would bet it's over R10 million. 


If you want to go for RPL then you will need a ton of documentary evidence of your work history. It's not uncommon for them to ask for pay slips going back 10 years. Basically,  it's up to you to provide documentary evidence that you did the work you clain you did. 


That's why I said to go with what @RedPanda said. A good agent will always tell you up front what VISA you may qualify for.  They won't take your money unless they are reasonably certain you will get the VISA 

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