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Local movers recommendations


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We are moving soon to our own house (yaaaay!)


.....although  we are super stoked about finally getting off the rental merry-go-round, this does of course mean moving,so can anyone recommend local movers for Sydney north shore?


thanks in advance!

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We used 2 men and a truck and I know of at least 2 others that used them and were happy with the service.



We'll they actually have lots of trucks and teams of different sizes.


We moved during one of Sydney's biggest downpours in January, something like 60mm in an hour.

Some of the boxes got a bit wet on their bottom, nothing inside any boxes including books were damaged.

They do offer packing service as well, although we packed ourselves. No broken glasses, nothing went missing.


I'll use them again.


If you do buy boxes from bunnings and pack yourselves, buy the heavy duty ones only and try to buy them all the same size and an easy to carry for one person size.

The thinner boxes (light duty) collapse easy. Bigger boxes collapse easy.



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Can I ask what size truck they used? Last time I used them they brought 2 guys and a tiny truck..had to do 3 trips..complained all the way about how heavy my furniture was..this after I told them we need a 40 ft container size and at least 3 guys because I have massive furniture....


needless to say I'm nervous about using them..

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We booked 3 men and a large truck. It does cost a bit extra.

I think it worked out about $80 per person per hour truck included.

Normal truck and 2 men would be 160 while large truck and 3 men would be 240 per hour.


We used their online calculator to calculate the size. When we phoned them and they heard 2 bedroom apartment, they suggested a normal truck and 2 guys as it would be cheaper. I said no, our furniture is not the tiny Aussie IKEA stuff, it is big, heavy furniture from Africa. 


Also, we moved about 100km

A second trip would cost them 3 hours of unpaid time on the road.

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