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An Afriakaner, an Englishman and a Zulu .....


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An Afrikaner, an Englishman (the SA-bred type), and a Zulu are waiting nervously outside the maternity ward in a Joburg hospital.

A nurse arrives with a smile, and tells them: "Good news for all of you, gentlemen, you are all dads... and they're all boy!"

As they start smiling, she adds: "But we had a slight mixup when they brought the babies to the nursery room... Do you mind coming in and see if you can identify your son?"

The Afrikaner rushes inside, and comes out ten seconds later with a baby in his arms, yelling: "This one is mine!"

The nurse looks, puzzled, and tells him: "But... Sir... This baby is black...!"

"Sister, one of the other two is a soutie, I can't take the risk!!!"

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As I look into the rugby and cricket stadiums, and I see all the South African flags I sometimes think "Who's the soutie now?"

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