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Civil Engineering Design


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What's the trend in civil engineering design?

I've seen loads of employment opportunities but I don't know 12D. Most of the available jobs state a 12D background and 2-5 years working in Aus.

I have 10+ years on different software. So would some of these employers be willing to send someone like me on training?

I would do Civil 3D but 12D seems so much faster and integrated into Aus systems.

Is there a 'switch' happening like in SA where loads of companies want to force you to use Civil 3D?

Whats the actual designs like compared to SA? (We for one have to struggle to get as built information or go in blind with standards deteriorating more each day)

If anyone is working in this field I'd like to hear from you.

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Hi Naomihome,

I am watching your thread with interest. I am a Civil 3D convert, but from what I have gleaned 12D seems to dominate in Aus. I think it is more comparable to our Civil Designer or ModelMaker packages.

I am assuming I would have to teach myself 12D when I get over there

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Yes. For roads they use MX roads. Their standards are pretty straight forward. Looks like I would fit into it all quite easily.

Would be great if I could work with all the desing software available. I plan to get practice versions which seem to be free and model a few of my old projects.

If I just imagine all the information they would have readily available in terms of existing infrastructure...projects focussed on true engineering and service delivery instead of politics...

I can only dream since of course I dont know what its really like over there. Each country probably has a few crappy things of their own going on.

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