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The All Blacks strike again, twice in a row!


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I am so privileged to have spent a night with Jonah Lomu at Club 021 in Cape Town in 1995. A giant of a bloke, waay bigger than me but a gentleman. Go well my friend, and thank you for making my life richer, if a little skewed on that night. :jester:

I have been following your life since you left Pro Rugby, you are a legend and taken too soon. May God give your family and friends comfort.

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What a strange co-incidence Surferman... When I lived in NZ I also met him. My boss at the time, his wife was a professional photographer. When Jonah married (1st) his South African bride, one of the NZ magazines as her to be the official photographer for them. In order to flit around RSA, as the wedding was, I think, in Kimberley, they contracted my nephew in RSA to fly them by helicopter to the various places. Small world.

I know the NZ rugby people in general, were devastated when he was diagnosed with kidney disease originally and then went on to having a transplant!

I was impressed at how he did not allow it to slow him down...

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