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"The Freight Guy" stay away from him!


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If any of you already in Australia want to send anything to RSA:

PLEASE DO NOT USE "THE FREIGHT GUY" it is just a scam as far as I am concerned. When my sister came to visit recently, she had too much stuff to take back so we scoured the web and found him. The quote was great, a week for delivery, everything sounded wonderful. We made up the parcel and dropped the box off at the depot, for which he had given us the address, they would forward it to them.

Well three weeks later, it had still not arrived. She emailed him, no reply. I then took over and called him, he answered the 1300 number and told me that it would take three weeks to get there. When I said to him that we had it in writing from him that it would take one week, he said he would investigate, it must have been held up at customs in RSA, he would call me back. Of course, he did not call back. The following day I tried to call his mobile number, to be told it no longer existed. Then I called the 1300 number, to be told that the service can no longer take messages.

Fortunately for us, I had a brain wave, I called the depot where we had dropped the box off, asked them if the box was still there by any chance? They asked if I had paid The Freight Guy, and when I said yes, they asked me to email them a copy of the receipt, which I did. They immediately called me back and told me that I can collect the box at any time, it is still at their premises.

Fortunately I had suggested that my sister pay with Paypal, she will now attempt to get a refund from them.

I just wanted to make sure that no forum members get scammed by this guy: http://thefreightguy.com.au/

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Terrible! Thanks for the warning.

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