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Springboks loss to Japan


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I am not a sports fan, never thought I would post in this section, but I just had to share this. This snippet appeared in the New Zealand Herald, I absolutely bow to those Springbok supporters.... could never imagine, for one moment, that this would happen in any other sport's arena!

From the NZ Herald

Listen, maybe you had to be there – or be to the oval-ball born – to recognise the purity of the rugby moment, but let's go with it anyway. See, at the end of the most stunning match in the history of the World Cup, when the once lowly rugby nation of Japan, with one victory to its credit in 24 World Cup outings over three decades, took on the two-time World Champion Springboks and ... BEAT the brutes, 34-32, it was a close call as to who was more stunned.

Was it the gobsmacked, diminutive Japanese fans of the cherry blossom, barely daring to believe what had just happened, the sheer joy of it all? Or the huge, dazed and dejected South Africans, in their green jerseys, scarcely comprehending how their boys could have been so beaten?

Inevitably, emotions are high both ways, and leaving the Brighton stadium, the two large masses of the opposing fans suddenly come face to face. They are different peoples, from different parts of the planet, with few intersecting points other than their common humanity, and love of the oval ball.

In other sports, at other times, riots have broken out on such occasions. But, no ...

Suddenly, four Springbok fans form a Guard of Honour for the Japanese fans to walk through.

And now four more, join. And now a dozen! And now dozens more! In short, there are two long lines of huge South Africans in Bok jerseys clapping and cheering as the stunned Japanese, gripping their flags, make their way through, many of them crying and pausing only to shake hands and briefly bow before many of those cheering.

by Christian Goldmann

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Now that is exemplary fan behaviour! Well done!

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