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marketing as a calling


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hi all, i am a 24 yr old brand manager, from constantia kloof. im originally from zimbabwe, came here 5 yrs ago to study at uct- then did my honours at vega the brand communications school in jhb, and am now a brand manager for an electrical infrastructure company.even though its not the industry id like to be in, it was the only offer i got thanks to AA, and south africa policies of not hiring foreigners.Ive always been patriotic about my continent, but its just dawned on me that South Africa is actually a few years from being zimbabwe.im basically looking to move to australia and pursue my passion which is marketing in a positive environment., with no crime, xenophobia etc(if ud like to c the full list just open your newspaper). ive put my cv up on seek and several other jobsites, but all ive been getting are regrets, im wondering what my chances are of getting a job offer, in marketing, without actualy setting foot in australia?i woudnt mind working in an ad agency either,just get me outta here-ASAP!

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Hi there Tjay

My fiance did his honours at Vega in the same field, and same issues re present work...

Anyway, while we were in Brisbane he cae across a company that focuses on recruitment in marketing...it is tough getting an offer based on the fact that it is risky for all parties involved, can be expensive for the employer and so forth...have you tried looking into applying for a visa and taking it from there?

I will get the recruitment agencies details and let you know... :unsure:

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Hi Tjay :angry:

I take my hat off to you for having such vision so early in your career :unsure: Wish I had had the same lightbulb going off six years ago when I was 24! :) Well, rather a bit late than never, I guess... ;)

Marketing is one of the growth industries in Oz at the moment, along with IT and engineering. Have a look at the following relevant previous forum threads:

Good news for marketers!, Latest info on industries in demand


Brand Manager Positions

Have a thorough look at the Oz career websites e.g. www.careerone.com.au and www.seek.com.au Search the 'Employment' section of the forum too - many tips there.

Before sending your CV to companies or recruitment agencies, have a look at:

Aus Style CV/Résumé



For more info on the different visas (there are many to choose from, depending on your circumstances and the points you get), check out DIAC's website (Department of Immigration and Citizenship)

The work visa (a temporary visa valid for up to 4 years) is called the Temporary Business (Long Stay) - Standard Business Sponsorship (Subclass 457)

The most-discussed PR (permanent residence) visa is the Skilled – Independent visa (Subclass 136), but don't think that's the only one - there are a few alternative options too, depending on your personal situation.

Good luck with the job search - keep us posted on how it goes!

:unsure: Liza

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HI Tjay!

Wow, you have very wide experience in the marketing field! :unsure:

I am in FMCG Market Research - quantitative specifically, with a B.Comm Marketing and 2 years working experience as an Account Manager.

Just to help you lift your spirits...marketing was the 2nd most sought after industry about 4 months ago, after Engineering, in Aus. I got a job very quickly, but I did not apply through the agents, I went straight to specific company websites, and clicked on Careers to see whether they were recruiting. I got a job very quickly, and am going over on a 457 visa, which we should get next week :angry::)

I suggest as a brand manager, go straight to Colgate Palmolive, Procter & Gamble, Woolworths etc company websites, and see whether they are recruiting. I know Colgate in Aus was looking for brand managers last year. Try it, I think it's your best bet.

One of my friends is also a brand manager, they moved to NZ on her husband's visa, and got a job within 2 weeks!!! :unsure:

Don't give up!!!!! Think of all the companies you can think of, and apply!!!! If the time is right, you'll get a job! Good LUCK!!!!


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thank you all for your advice, ive sent out loads of applications over the last week or so. guess now all one can do is sit and wait.Liezel-i too did a bit of market research, at instant grass, although that was while i was still studying.


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