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Software Support Person -1st Level -job offering


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Hi Guys

People sometimes ask me if we have positions available for people arriving in Perth

We are currently advertising for someone to come into a service desk support role but we are also looking for an Analyst and a Trainer. In some cases people stay with Support and in others they migrate to other positions. It much depends on the individual and their circumstance.

Below is a short synopsis

Feel free to pass this on. Interested parties can respond to this email address please




This offers a high level of flexibility. It requires good social skills. Technical skill will need to be trained. Suitable for “work-from-home” mums or young people wanting to start a career

Seeking : A Switched On, Responsible Team Player.

Flexible Hours and Infinite Opportunity to Progress.

We are a rapidly expanding global vendor of cloud based software. We are seeking a team player to join our company as a software support person. This is an excellent opportunity for you to join a great team and expand your skills within a flexible and forward thinking company. We are customer focused and uncompromising in ethical standards

· Preferably Perth based. Working from home is possible

· Both part time and full time applications are welcome

· There is the potential to move into other areas of the organisation like Training or Analysis

Ideally, you will have:

· Exceptional communication and time management skills; be able to multitask and work efficiently.

· General Microsoft Office skills and be familiar with web technologies and applications

· An enthusiastic attitude with a willingness to learn new technologies and skills.

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Dear LindyM

I know that I am taking a chance here, but is the support role still available? Currently have 7 years of support experience in ITC and am struggling to find work from South Africa.

My PR189 has just arrived and I am ready to start a new life in Aus. If there are any other positions available please let me know, much appreciated!

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