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Corporate Wear/Uniforms Company started in Adelaide


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Hi all,

I have been in the business of selling Corporate Wear/Uniforms/Promotional Wear for the past 14 years in South Africa, before migrating almost 4 years ago. As I enjoyed the industry, I wanted to start it off here in Adelaide. I have found that the Australian business sector is different in their ordering process, as they would sign contracts with suppliers for periods of 12-36 months, whereas in South Africa, there was no ongoing contract in place. It came down to the customer ordering from a supplier that provided quality, price and excellent customer service.

I have contacted businesses who would benefit by wearing Corporate Wear, via telephone and sending my brochure on Corporate Wear to their email address, but no success thus far.

As they do not know me or my company, they tend to be reluctant to let me in. If they do connect me with the right contact, I am advised of an existing contract that they have with another supplier.

I have now printed a booklet to sent out and see what the response is, however I know it comes down to who you know. Is there anybody out their, that knows of a potential company that will allow me a foot in the door to showcase what I have to offer? Should these leads end up in generating sales, I will be willing to compensate you for your efforts.

i have attached my brochure for browsing. Apologies for the summary, but this gives you an idea of what I do.

Many thanks

Hi all,

I have tried to attach the file, but it is too big.

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