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Australia’s future workforce 2015 - 2030


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Recent report has been released the composition of Australia's future workforce. It also ties in with the recent established industry growth centers in Australia

My take away from this report is:

a. Suggests almost five million jobs face a high probability of being replaced in the next decade or two while a further 18.4 per cent of the workforce has a medium probability of having their roles eliminated. Page 60 & 217

• Vulnerable jobs are: Clerical and administrative workers, Sales workers, Machine operators and drivers, Labourers

b. An increasing percentage of self-employed workers are older, highly skilled professionals. This is a global trend, with the numbers of self-employed people growing most notably by 45 per cent in the past decade in Europe.

c. Key emerging technologies are:

• Cloud services;
• The Internet of Things;
• Big Data;
• Artificial intelligence and robots; and
• Immersive communications.

d. Focus be on the deeper ICT technical skill development of:

• Architecting: the capacity to put together components to build larger systems;
• Designing: conceptualising new solutions, for example, developing optimisation
programs; and
• Analysing: making sense of data, for example, applying analytics to make predictions.

e. Job categories that are not susceptible to computerisation as involving:

• Perception and manipulation;
• Creative intelligence; and
• Social intelligence

f. Five sectors have been identified as having major growth potential:

• Food and agribusiness;
• Mining equipment, technology and services;
• Medical technologies and pharmaceuticals;
• Oil, gas and energy resources; and
• Advanced manufacturing.

Here: http://adminpanel.ceda.com.au/FOLDERS/Service/Files/Documents/26792~Futureworkforce_June2015.pdf

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Thanks for this. Having experience in Cloud, Big Data, Data Science and now moving into IoT as well as deeper into Social Media and Analytics, this give me a good insight. Gives me more hope moving there soon.

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@ORC - most welcome. Many of us are well covered but for those that aren't, there is never a better time than now to make sure that you embrace the changes that is busy happening in the world (and Australia). It is just so much easier to do that now while you employed instead of waiting till you are forced to do something about it. The world is a global village and you can easily prepare yourself from anywhere in the world.

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Yip, good post mate. Hence my shift to the "architect" of all these technologies....

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