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Employment difficulty


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Hi all

It's my first post and I'm new to this type of networking so please forgive me if I get it wrong.

I am a Motor Technician and my fiancé and I are interested in relocating to Melbourne. We have done some research and found that there are quite a few comments stating that it is quite difficult to secure your first job in OZ, is this true? I would also like to find out if Australian employers outlook on South African employees or potential employees are negative or positive?

I am currently in the process of applying PR visa and was wondering if anyone knew of any sites dedicated to automotive employment apart from the usual such as seek.com.au.

My apologies if this subject has been raised before.

Best Regards,


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Recruitment agents are all about "quick sales". For example, If the job advert says they work with Goodyear tyres and your CV specifically mentions those tyres, then you will get a call. Even though it doesn't matter which tyre brands you know... Recruiters have software that looks for keywords on your CV.

Don't expect a recruiter to interview you and find out that you are really good at your job :(. Yes, it should work like that. It does overseas.

But, despite all of that, most people find a job within three months of arriving. There are a few who struggle and it takes six months. In rare cases it can take over a year, if you have a highly specialised job.

Aussies really like working with South Africans. But, because they all know recruiters are dodgey and don't check out how good you are, companies will hire you because you are friendly and nice to work with. South Africans excel there as we play the same sports, have a similar lifestyle, etc..

Good luck with your job hunt!

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Notorious, welcome to our part of the world, I trust we can help with answers to your many questions... now I have one of my own!

What is a Motor Technician? Are you a motor mechanic or do you work on electric motor repair?

Once I know the answer to my question, I may be able to assist you with further information.

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Thank you for the comments, I appreciate the feedback.

Mara to answer your question, I am a Motor Mechanic. "Motor Technician" is a silly label that's been given to us mechanic's, as vehicles are so much more electrically involved and there is quite a big drive to make vehicles more autonomous. So in turn today's motor mechanic needs to have an increased knowledge of electrical systems.

That is the reason for the term "Motor Technician" in South Africa. I'm not quite sure if it has caught on in Australia, I don't think so as Vetasses is assessing my skills under the general mechanic category.

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They do use that sometimes, but also just mechanic in Australia. To be honest, I cannot imagine you having a difficulty finding a job in Melbourne, or anywhere for that matter, there seems to be many adds for mechanics everywhere.

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Thank you for all the comments :)

I just hope South African trades people are not perceived in a bad light.

If I may ask another question, how does work and personal life in Australia compare to South Africa?

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I guess it all depends on your employer, unfortunately just like elsewhere, you get the good and the bad. In general though Aussies like to live a balanced life and make time for family life, which is great.

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