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Anybody working at a mine site?


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Hi All,

Just checking if anyone out there works at a mine site?

I might have an opportunity coming up soon, but 7 days on and 7 days (6am to 6pm) off sounds a little tough to me. Especially the week where I have to work night shift!

I have never worked shifts in my life and this does not sound to promising :)

Any advise will be appreciated.

Cheers for now


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My husband works on a mine site - 3 weeks on and 1 week off. The job before, he used to work 2 weeks on (one of those weeks was always night shift) and one week off. Also always 12 hour shifts, but now that he's supervisor, somestimes 13 or 14 hours.

It does take some getting used to, but remember, all your meals etc are taken care of so at least you don't have to worry about that after 12 hours of work.

He did battle getting into/off the night shift cycle, but would take 1/2 a sleeping tab to help him along.

He has also worked in workshops - I suppose it depends what you do - but he's always maintained he worked way harder in the workshop than on the mines.

The mines that he has worked on are like hotels - private rooms with TV and bathroom/shower, gyms and most have swimming pools, squash courts etc. The food is mind blowing in that you have pretty much 3 courses for each meal. And they cater for vegeterians, health nuts etc. Like having a buffet for every meal - choose your style of eggs in the morning, or which sauce you'd like over your ice-cream for dessert.

The only downfall is obviously the time spent away from family, but you all do eventually get used to it.

I'm not sure what they are offering you, but most companies offer a loading (certain percentage of your hourly wage more) for working night shift.

Many people, Aussies included, would kill for the opportunity to work on the mines - that experience is almost priceless in terms of getting other employment in the mining field. It opens up so many doors for you. Not to mention the inductions you will go through - all of which will go on your resume.

I would go for it without hesitation if this is a way into Australia.

If you would like any more specific info, ask away.

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Hi leeferg1,

Thanks so much for your input. See you live down Bunbury way :).

If I do go for this position then I will have to decide between Mandurah and Bunbury and would love to know what your opinion is?

We have an 11 year old daughter and schooling is obviously first priority for us right now. Good government school or maybe even private schooling...

Take care.


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Pleasure Eto. I remember you asking your above question before, so I've just copied my first reply (if you need more info, just shout) :

We looked at Mandurah too (my husband flies in and out of Perth for work), but chose Bunbury because it's smaller and suited us better. We come from a small town in SA and even Mandurah was too "city" for us. We do drive up occassionaly for the Spur!

We live in Dalyellup which is a beach estate - there are some pricey houses, but like any other suburb, there are plenty of options - we love it here. Two minutes from the beach and amazing parks and facilities. Apparently there about about 1500 South Africans in our suburb. Plenty of kids scooting/riding around and in the parks/on the beach.

In Dalyellup, there are 3 primary schools (2 government and 1 private - Lutheran) and one high school. The government primary schools are zoned so would be dependant on where you live.

Our boys (13 and 10) go to a small private school about 25 mins away - they catch a bus there and back which is free. The school has a South African principal and about 7 Saffer teachers. We pay about $500 a month for both of them for school fees - my eldest is in high school this year which has increased the fees for us a bit.

For one child in Year 5, it'll cost you about $200 per month or $50 per week. The school goes from Kindy to Year 12, which for me, is a bonus. With the South African influence, the discipline is fantastic and it is a Christian school so the ethics and values being taught are great.

Of course there are plenty of other schools in and around the rest of Bunbury - some with good reputations, some with not. It all depends on where you live. There is an excellent Anglican private school about 5 mins from Dalyellup - Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School - but it is very expensive. There are also some very good Catholic schools which are reasonably priced for private schools - not sure of the criteria though, i.e. if you need to be a practising Catholic or not.

I don't think you'll go wrong with either Mandurah or Bunbury - I reckon they offer a lot of the same things in terms of lifestyle - it will come down to personal choices.

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oh yeah I remember this mail :blush:.

Old age catching up with me.

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No problem - I remember what it was like trying to decide and remembering all the info :blink:

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