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two wheel action


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We just arrived in Aus and trying to make new friends.

Anyone keen on having a braai sometime ? the only way by fire !

We are staying in Brisbane.

The mountain biking is awesome here, the single tracks are technical and fast, just need a throttle !

Wanna hit the tracks then lets get together.

Well anyway, regards to all the sa aussies

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Hey Eagle

If you have just arrived, why don't you go find some new Aussie Mates.

Or are you just trying to "rub-it-in" to us poor bastards still stuck in "Rainbow Land", reading your post.


Jokes man..

Chuck another Shrimp-on-the-Barbie and look forward to the future.


Durban, SA

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Hi Eagle,

Believe me the mountain bike will be the LAST thing I pack in the container - only so it's the FIRST thing I unpack!! My wife might battle a bit with the rest of the heavy stuff as I disappear into the bush... No seriously, we're in the early stages and haven't submitted the application yet (still waiting for kids passports etc) so at least it gives you a chance to check out some routes for me. Also headed for Brisbane on a Business visa so maybe we'll catch up?



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Hey Scatterling

Shots for the advice !

Westville boy hey ? don't worry so am i !

Always nice to meet people from your own country and network through them to make other friends.

The Aussies are good people but also very different. Maybe its just me ? Found a few friends here they complain i smoke them out with our braai's until they tasted the meat !

Some of the great conversations with my friends the Aussies

Lions and elephants roaming in our back yards ?

Been told that they did not know there were white people in South Africa ?

My personal favourite is why are South Africans so racist to black people, don't like getting in to it though but it always comes up. The Aussies love them.

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Hmmmmm, Don't I know you????

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Oh, did you think I was white............

Just kidding - of course I am........

It won't be too far from the truth pretty soon. The white population has dropped form 5M to 4M in the last 10 years, and judging by general conversation, skills shortage, and the wait for IELTS and VISAs - there may well be no white people left in SA at this rate.

When I first went to England and met the black guys, my first thought was “no wonder they think we are racist whites in South Africa. These guys were pretty cool and “one of the guys”.

Sure we have seen similar black people on American TV all our lives, which kind of desensitized you, until you actually meet them from in real 1st world.

Africa black people are sooooo far away from this. Our cultures are worlds apart.

Most of the world will never realise this.

Move on - - BIRDS OF A FEATHER, should stick together.

Aussies might not have EAGLE feathers like us, But I thank them now for taking us into their flock.

I am glad for their skills shortage, as it gives us a chance to contribute and feel wanted.

See you in Brisbane. (Caloundra)

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