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Moving to Adelaide


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Hi everyone! I am moving to Adelaide on a State sponsored permanent residency visa on the 29th of June 2015. So excited to be embarking on a new adventure and life in Australia. Currently I have been looking for accommodation and found:

a) Hotels are just too expensive to consider while looking for something more permanent.

B) Getting a lease is hard enough and because I will be unemployed on arrival I don't want to get caught up in something should I get a job on the other side of Adelaide.

c) I have enquired on the shared accommodation websites with no success.

I would really appreciate it if you could help shed some light on my situation. Any contacts or websites would be greatly appreciated. The other problem is I have never been to Adelaide before so would like to do some exploring when I arrive. Do you know any good local tour companies?

Thanks everyone.

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Try Ozzie easy roommate, also check on gumtree for shared accommodation when I was in Adelaide I found great places that way. Best check into a hostel for when you first arrive at least if you are in the centre of the city you can get around easily to see which area of the city you like. The backpackers have their own small travel desks, check out where they recommend or where the tour companies go to and either take a tour or go it alone.

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Thanks Zoot really appreciate it! Will definitely look into that. Have a lekker weekend!

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Have you looked at the Holiday/Caravan parks? You can get a cabin or perhaps backpackers but I have heard some of them are a bit yuck. Adelaide is not that big and I am pretty sure you can do a tour yourself if you have a GPS and a list of what you would love to see. It's a beautiful city which isn't too big but the outskirts are vast. From the Barossa wine region across to McLaren Vale wine region is a big area.

You can also look up on FB - there are FB groups depending on where you want to live that has accommodation pages eg: Private Rentals Adelaide, or Private Rentals Southern Suburbs of Adelaide etc.

There are posts on those of shared rentals / rooms for rent and so on.

You can also join the South Africans in Adelaide group on FB - and ask there too. Very often some of the folk on there have rooms open and can help you for the first few weeks.

Good luck - Adelaide is great. We LOVE living here!

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What budget did you have in mind per week (in terms of rental)?

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