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Got the Visa, Now what?


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Hi All.

We received confirmation of our PR190 Visa about a month ago. It is state sponsored so we will be heading to South Australia and looking to find work and settle in Adelaide.

Any suggestions on where to stay? I have 2 little girls aged 1&5 so would like a safe, family friendly surburb with decent schooling. I currently work for one of the "big four" banks as a Commercial Insurance Broker so not sure how the job hunt will work out?

My wife and I are in our mid to late 20's so will enjoy some feedback from couples of similar age. Infact any information at this stage would be great.

We hope to arrive in the 1st week of December.

Cheers for now.

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Just a thought. You must be aware, when arriving in Dec, that most companies will only look at employing new staff right at the end of January, when people return after Australia day (Tue 26th Jan). It will be very unlikely that a company will interview and come to a decicion about your employment over Dec/Jan. My husband is in IT ( lots of local experience too) and normally works for large banks. As an example: he went for a interview on 5 Dec 2013, all was put on hold, was interviewed again end of Jan and started work mid Feb. The decision makers were all away on holiday. If it was me, I would enjoy Xmas with family in RSA and come over in the first week of Jan, get accommodation, and decide on a school (they start 27 Jan), send cv's out and get your ducks in a row so you can go all guns blazing for 27 Jan. Unless you have unlimited funds and aren't bothered by the almost certaintly of two dead months.

Ps. People also find it hard to entertain kids without friends, activities and structure over that period.

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The other problem in arriving early December is to find a rental property... very few people will be moving house in December, so you will have less rentals to choose from.

Other than that, Rozellem has covered it all... enjoy Christmas in RSA and come early January!

Unless of course your visa is such that you have to activate by early December?

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I agree completely with what has been posted.

We only moved interstate from Brisbane to Adelaide in November some years ago now with kids aged 3 and 18 months. All the play groups and kids activities were shutting down for the year. There were no activities for them during the holidays. The library story time etc were all closed for the holidays. All we could do was go to the park which got a bit monotonous after nearly 3 months.

Definitely have one last Christmas with your families and hit the ground running in late January.

On the job front LinkedIn is awesome and you'll be able to make contact with ex saffas in Adelaide on there. Just search for insurance and choose Adelaide as the city.

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