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Translation of documents for application


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Hi, we are just starting the process and have so far only applied for our unabridged birth certificates and booked IELTS tests for 09May2015 in Joburg... I feel like we have not really started yet... Sure I will feel better once we have all the documents to start the application. I think this 'hurry up and wait' situation might get a bit frustrating?? You have to rush to apply for the birth certificates, and then you wait for weeks...:-( Does anyone have an idea of how long the unabridged birth certificates take at Home affairs? We have them for our children, but had to apply to get mine and my husbands...

I have me papers from my degrees as well as the results I received at university, but they are in Afrikaans. I assume they have to be translated to English?

Really wishing we were further along in the process already.

This forum has been a great help already, thanks!!

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Hey MonDU, which uni did you go to? I only ask because it would more than likely cheaper to get the transcripts, academic records and module detail in English from the uni rather than having them translated.

P.S. Yes all documents need to be in English or be officially translated by an accredited translator registered with NATI or SATI both of which are accredited organisation's.


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We used Hilde Poulter: polyglot@iafrica.com

She asked around the R100-R150 mark for our translations back in 2012/2013

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I was at Tuks (Uni Pretoria). We are using Migrate2Oz as agents and they have said that they can translate, just can't remember the cost per page.. Perhaps I will ask the University what they would charge to send me English copies?? Will compare prices with your suggestion too and see...

Thanks a mil!!!:-)

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