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Hi Folks,

My husband has a heavy current electrical engineering degree, and approx. 9 years working experience in a combination of plant, production and (coal) mining sectors in the cement and mining industry. He currently has a senior position (we know that this is not necessarily going to be what he has to apply for). He's interested in maintenance, projects, and consulting work.

With a PR189 visa, we plan to activate the visa in the next couple of months, and are beginning to look at putting together an itinerary for the activation trip (if he can't secure a job before we go).

Our aim for the activation trip is to focus on going to areas where he is most likely to have some success in terms of scheduling interviews with recruitment agencies/companies in his line while we're there.

I understand that some areas may be more popular for engineering than others, and was wondering whether anyone could give us some ideas as to where to concentrate our search, given the information above? He's on LinkedIn and has been trawling recruitment websites, getting his CV updated, etc, so help with focusing on regions/cities for job search in his field while on Oz soil would be much appreciated.

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Good luck!

Don't try South Australia. Too many engineers being retrenched here.

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Thanks Shell, do you know of any areas offhand where they're still taking in engineers, or indeed any other areas to avoid?

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