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2015-2020 Job outlook for Australia - all in one place


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Stumbled across this government website showing Australian careers and local labour market research information


It provides an overview of occupations: Job prospects, Weekly earnings, Occupation size,Find Vacancies,Find Training,Browse Skills. Then it lists employment statistics, required skills and attributes, job search and other useful links

Then I saw this new revamp skill shortage portal


Keep in mind that there's a current vacancy level of 150,000 jobs but apparently 800,000 people looking for work.

Not sure how large is the disconnect between reality and these statistics but it looks useful as a starting point.

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Thanks for posting this - glad to see that it reflects positive future job openings/low unemployment rates for both mine and my husband's careers ( Accounting/Software programmer )

However there does seem a disconnect between those stats and reality, unless it's just that 'local experience' necessity lacking on a new immigrant's CV.....

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Smart technologies appear rapidly over the last 3-4 years. Smart cities interconnected to smart transportation systems, smart farming and interconnected to anything. The underlying broad technologies are all similar and based on sensing, electronics engineering, information technology, computer science, social science etc. Australia and UK are well aligned to currently trail autonomous and self-driving vehicles (on-road and off-road). This opens up immense opportunities over the next few years.

The global transport market is rapidly changing to a ‘smart transport’ model, which is estimated to reach £900 billion by 2025 – known as the intelligent mobility market. The UK is strongly placed to win a significant share of this market through a number of unique strengths such as human machine interaction (HMI) and interaction design, localisation and mapping, analytics and simulation or realtime control.


So what skills are required for these new upcoming industries: look at P18



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