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Hi Everyone

We are a family of three starting our journey in this process of moving over, so far we have applied for all the docs from home affairs :) Next up IELTS and then the assessment with AITSL! If anyone has some tips for the IELTS, would be greatly appreciated!

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Welcome !

The trick to IELTS is practice. It is not just about your skill in English, but understanding the marking rubric for the writing section. Read the essay test requirements carefully. If it states to refer to your own experiences / opinions, then make sure you do. The writing test is about showing you can argue a point. Don't worry about facts. Just make sure you back all arguments with a logical example.

Google will become your best friend, to research free resources, of which there are many. You should get access to Road to IELTS through the British Council booking you made for the test, but I found youtube videos I stumbled upon on writing of more use. Also, under the General tab of this forum is a pinned topic "Advice for the IELTS by an IELTS teacher" You will find mention of some purchaseable resources in that post too.

All the best.

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Welcome DimitriY, I hope you get a lot of answers to your questions on the forum.. good luck and God speed with the application and hopefully a "I got it" at the end from you!

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Spelling is absolute. instructions are absolute. If you are asked for an answer in 3 words or less and you give 4, it is wrong. If you misspell one word (for the reading and listening), the answer is wrong.

Practice, practice, practice - get hold of the test papers. Practice writing by hand.

Study the structure for the writing, especially the letter formats.

Above all, keep calm.

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