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New Adelaidians please call us if you need help.....


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Hi All

I know how difficult it is in the first few weeks coming over. Espesially if your stuff has not yet arrived. I have a few things that we can give to those who need it. So you dont have to lay out the cash for it.

For the new people coming to Adelaide, please call us for essentials if you will be camping out in your very empty house.

We have new kingsize duvet inner, single duvet inner and some essentials, like iron, chairs, cups, pots, cutlery & crockery, utencil set etc. As soon as we buy our new tv, will we give you a tv as well :)

The only thing we ask is that when your stuff arrives that you will then give it to someone else who will need it.

PM me for my number and email address :)

Have a nice day and good luck with the process!

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AWASOME, like the "pay it forward" IDEA :ilikeit:.

We will rely on people like you when we arrive in Jan 2016.

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Hey thanks. Please give us a call when you arrive in 2016 and we will definately see where we can help.

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Paying it forward. This is what the forum is all about! :ilikeit:

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