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HR and Training Manager looking for a Job Offer in Regional Victoria


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Good Day,

I have personally in the last year built a HR, Training and Administration department from scratch for a $US 65 Million manufacturing concern, in fact I am the very first employee of this business.

Along with my qualifications in Human Resources, and a positive Australian Institute of Management assessment and over eight years of hands-on experience, I have the ability to become the key person of the HR Department of the business.

I am a knowledgeable individual with great HR and personnel management skills which makes me the perfect candidate for this job. As required, I am highly skilled in day-to-day design and implementation of policies and programs such as recruiting, compensation and benefits, training and development, worker and labour relations, safety and recruitment.

I have facilitated training sessions to both customers and employees from technicians to directors and feel this is one of my greatest strengths being able to relate to all levels of staffing given my manufacturing origins.

Personally, I am a self-motivated individual with a strong work ethic of ensuring work is first and getting the job done well, and have shown this commitment time over in my past and current employment.

I look forward to further communication with you.

Please feel most free to contact me should you need any further documentation to ensure a successful relationship. My email is brainstormkzn@gmail.com

Kind regards

Malcolm Turnbull.

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Not sure why you are posting an application type email here but have to tell you that if that's your real name then you are in for a treat in Australia because a VERY well known federal politician is called Malcolm Turnbull. Google him :)

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