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mechanical fitters and boilermaker/welders


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This company are building drill rigs ,salaries are starting at 32 dollars an hour.

contact : sam.hosier@globedrill.com.au

ph: (08) 9091 3646

I do not kow this people but some other saffers told me this company are looking for fitters and boilermakers and/or welders.

regards ,christelle

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My father is qualified for a job like this (also has his Disel Mec. qualification) and has many years of experience.

Do you perhaps know if he is too old to apply for this kind of job in Australia? He is 52 years (in 2007)



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Hi Dajac

All trade occupations are well sought after in Oz. While they genuinely prefer people to be 45 years old or younger, I'd say because your dad's skills are so sought after, it might be a good idea to test the market and let him send out his résumé to companies in the related industries, especially the ones advertising for these positions.

One never knows - he might just be sponsored on the work visa (457) - valid for up to 4 years - and from there, his employer may choose to sponsor him permanently (PR - as in permanent residence).

Should he get sponsored to go, it's important to discuss with the employer the possibility of PR employer sponsorship BEFORE your dad goes to Australia on the temporary 457 visa. No use him going over for 4 years and then not having the possibility of permanent residence.

By the way, if you and your wife are in Oz too as permanent residents, you'll be able to sponsor your dad into Oz on one of the parent visas. Have a look at Parent Visa Options (have a look at those visa options listed under 'if you are outside Australia', as that's where your dad - the applicant - will be at time of application).

:whome: Liza

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