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events/get-togethers on this forum?


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Hi all,

So we have officially made the trip and landed in Oz a little over six weeks ago. It was an incredibly hectic and stressful time wrapping up things in SA and making the flight with overweight luggage of course...

The reason for this post is we would like to start making new connections and friendships. And I was wondering if as a community we organise any events/get-togethers on this forum?

We are in Melbourne and are a family of 4. Mom and dad a little girl who is four years old and a one and a half year old baby boy.

Now we intend to start getting involved in sports and community-based activities as soon as we can. But in all the time that I have been here and only bumped into one South African purely by chance.

And the coffee club posts that I have seen on more than a-year-old.

We have made a friendship with another family from the UK who have regular expat get-togethers.

Now I am sure if the pom's can organise something so can we.

All the beat


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We used to have monthly get togethers, but they died out, due to low attendance and it always falling to the same few people to organise them. Perhaps we should give it a try again, so let us see if there are any others that respond to this post confirming that they would like one.

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Hi All,

I definitely feel that organiseing some sort of regular get-together as a community is a good idea. And speaking from our own experience it would make the integration and transition process a little bit easier.

So I would like to suggest to the rest of the four members that we should consider at least running one event a quarter. And if we have a general consensus for an event / get together of some sort. We would be more than willing to lead the organising an execution of this event. Especially as I currently work in the event industry and both my wife and myself have experience in organising events.

What do you think?



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You are elected, no problem there. Please go and check under events Victoria, I am already organising one for 23rd November at Hanging Rock.

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