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Travel time, peak hours, Joondalup to Perth CBD


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Can anyone maybe roughly tell me what the travel time is in peak hours from Joondalup to Perth CBD via the Mitchell Freeway. I do have all the public transport times, but would like to hear from people driving their cars to work in or around Perth CBD.


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Hi Johan,

As with any city, it depends on what time you start driving.

Generally, the Mitchell freeway is busy between 7 - 9. Then there's only bits that are usually congested. For some reason between Ocean Reef and Whitfords ave, then from Reid Highway through to Vincent street.

If you leave at say 7, you should reach the city by 8 - 8:15.

Not during peak hours, Joondalup is about 40 odd minutes from the city.

I generally take public transport, (train running in the middle of the freeway) due to cost of and finding parking in the city. To park at a train station (i.e. Currambine, Edgewater, Joondalup) only cost $2 and a train ticket (with smart rider) about just over $4 (I think $4.20 or $4.40).

That compared to a parking ticket alone cost of 15 to 25 bucks usually makes my decision for me.

Also, that being said - it depends on what time of the morning you go the train can resemble a bit of a "lets get all these sardines in a can" feeling.

Hope this helps,


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