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Sydney IT Recruitment Agencies


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I am in Perth and I am trying to move to Sydney because I believe thats the place to be for IT people, but i must admit that I have only got 1 agency replying on my application I sent in. That was also after they rejected it as not being matching the skills set and me phoning them up and saying it is nonsense. I managed to get a telephone interview at the client through this agency yesterday and I am still waiting feedback.

Who are the other players in the IT recruitment market that is worth their weight in gold? I am not applying for cheap positions, they are all above the 120K mark and I am not shooting at the stars either. If I am off target then the decent thing would be to let me know I am not in the running for the position because I pick my nose or whatever.

I thought they need people, but it looks like they need software systems that works better because it does not look like they are matching the skills good enough.

I am ranting about this because I can see the great jobs advertised for weeks after I applied and i know I qualify for them, but the agents are not doing anything. When I call them to enquire about it they don't even have my resume at th right person, what a joke.

I desparately need to get hold of a agency that has a recruiter I can trust with integrity to market me for to the major players in Sydney. Anyone know such an agency + agent's name, I am interested!


n moeg gesukkelde Afrikaner

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You are lucky, at least you are in Oz already! I would love to help, but can't. We are both in IT and are trying to get THERE! Just a wild shot, but can't you maybe help us to get in there? Anywhere??? I know, wild shot.

I have a few IT recruitment sites, if you want, I can send them to you??

Good luck, keep on trying, you WILL get what you want in the end!


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Jaen, I suggest you PM "Ajay" she is in recruitment and based in Sydney, perhaps she could advise you!

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Jaen, I suggest you PM "Ajay" she is in recruitment and based in Sydney, perhaps she could advise you!

Hi, since i find myself in a similar pos, can you possibly forward me Ajay's detail as well?

Tks, D

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